Welcome and what you can expect from this blog.

Welcome and what you can expect from this blog.

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to write a quick post about what you can expect from this site. I wanted to make a place where I could share healthy delicious recipes. That don’t include ingredients like garlic, onion, carrot, gluten, wheat, dairy, lentils, beans and raisins. I personally can’t eat these foods as they upset my stomach. As a result I have found it increasing difficult to find recipes that don’t include them especially garlic and onion. Because they are used a lot to give flavour to a wide variety of dishes.  I want to show you that it’s possible to make easy and flavourful dishes without them. Likewise with dessert I want to show you that you don’t need to add a lot of refined sugar to make yummy indulgent treats. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth and am pretty sure I ran off pure sugar lol.

Also I want to share my love for fitness with you too. I started this whole fitness journey in august 2016 and it has grown to become an entirely new way of living that I wouldn’t give up for anything now. I have truly found what makes me happy. This is also where i found out that my body process certain foods and why i always felt bloated and tried after meals. I love to see the changes in my body and the mental clarity it gives me. I will be including the macros for each recipe.  As I do track my food and always find it helpful when recipes include them.

In conclusion i hope this will be a happy positive corner of the internet. Where you can find some new food ideas, maybe pick up a few new workout ideas to try. Bearing in mind am no trained professional and just share the things I find that work best for me and might work for you too. The most important thing to remember is everyone’s different so you need to find what works best for. What you enjoy to do the most as if you don’t like what it doing you will never stick at it. I hope you realise that this whole fitness lifestyle is exactly that a lifestyle. So you need to find the right balance and remember everyone is on there own journey so be kind and do it because you love yourself. Anyway enough rambling hope your all having a great day!

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