December favourites 2017

December favourites 2017

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Hey guys. Today is going to be my December favourites. This is the first of what will be a recurring series. I love reading and watching other peoples monthly favourites as its always interesting and i usually find new products to try. These will consist of food/recipes, fitness products/workouts, home decor and new tv shows. Since this is my first favourites post i am going to include some of my all time favourites as well as new products i have loved this month. All the food/recipes will of course be gluten and dairy free.

Celebrate health sauces 

First things first one of my all time food favourites are the @celebratehealth stir fry sauces. I use the chicken teriyaki and Chinese beef stir fry sauces. As you can see these are gluten, dairy, nut free, vegan and low in sugar unlike most stir fry sauces. They are super tasty and make for a great quick dinner. I have used them with tofu, fish and chicken all stir fried with a variety of veggies. I found these sauces in Tesco in the free from aisle. Celebrate health is an Australian brand they have a ton of other products on there website but Tesco only stocks there recipe base sauces.



Moma almond butter and salted caramel porridge 

I tried the almond butter and salted caramel pot which was amazing. I don’t usually like nut butters in my oatmeal but this wasn’t to over powering and the salted caramel made it perfectly sweet. I will definitely be buying it again. Also i want to try and recreate it on my own. I got it in Tesco i also use coconut milk in my oatmeal.

Alpro coconut milk

Coconut milk is my favourite non dairy milk and i use it in cereal, oatmeal, hot chocolate and baking. It does have a slight taste of coconut to it but i like coconut so i think it adds to the flavour. Because of this i don’t use it for things like scrambled eggs, i use rice milk for them. Which is more neutral in taste so works better as a replacement for dairy milk.

Soy milk 

Staying with the non dairy milks this month i tried soy milk for the first time. I have heard loads of people say that you either love it or hate it. Well i wouldn’t say i love it as i don’t think it has much of a flavour to it. I like it for its high protein content compared to other non dairy milks i use. In 250ml there is 8 grams of protein which is a lot more than coconut milk which only has 0.2 grams of protein in the same amount. I know not everyone likes to eat soy or is able to but i have found it to be something i am incorporating more into my diet.

Soya protein powder

Since fully committing to being dairy free i had to find a new protein powder. I used to use the chocolate pure whey protein from bulk powders  which was really nice it wasn’t to sweet and mixed well with rice milk. I tried the chocolate peanut complete vegan blend which is a mix of pea protein, brown rice protein and quinoa flour. It didn’t really have a chocolate taste it did however have a strong quinoa flavour. I tried it as a protein shake and as a smoothie but i wasn’t a fan. The quinoa flavour was to overpowering to drink it but i have found a use for it in baking high protein treats. Anyway this led me to try the unflavoured soya protein isolate 90 which has more protein per 100g than the vegan blend and doesn’t have much of a flavour so is more versatile. My favourite use for it is in a smoothie it’s a little grainy but i don’t mind that.

Yushoi soy and balsamic vinegar baked pea snacks


These are one of my favourite “crisps” they are actually made from 72% green peas. They are light and crispy but don’t taste like peas and come in load of different flavours. I like these ones best as they don’t have any garlic and onion unlike some of the other flavours. I buy the multi-pack that comes with 6 21 gram bags i get them in Asda.

Meridian smooth peanut butter 

Now when it comes to peanut butter i don’t mess about i eat it on a daily basis sometimes even too. In the morning i have the meridian peanut butter before work as i don’t have a lot of time and it makes for a quick and easy snack. I also use it in baking and to make date caramel. The Meridian brand is my favourite above others as it only contains 100% peanuts and no palm oil, salt or sugar added to it. I like to keep it simple when it comes to nut butters and honestly haven’t tried many others. Peanut butter is also the cheapest of the nut butters so its a win win.

PBfit powered peanut butter 

I found PBfit in sainsburys a few months ago and was curious how it would compare to the regular kind. Its more expensive but as it has 90% less fat but still taste like peanut butter not exactly the same but still very nice so its worth it. I like using it when i want the taste of peanut butter and the added protein but without the fat. My favourite uses are sauces, granola, baking or simply spreading it on toast. All you have to do is add a little bit of water and mix it to your desire consistency.

Gluten free pasta

I have probably tried most the gluten free pasta out there, i have a whole cupboard full of them. My favourites are buckwheat penne from Sainsburys, instant rice noodles by mama i also get them in Sainsburys and Tescos free from tagliatelle. The rice noodles are the quickest and easiest to make obliviously as they are instant all you have to do is pour boiling water over them and wait 5 minutes. They are all really nice and i use them on a weekly basis.

Delicious alchemy chocolate brownie mix

I made these chocolate brownies for dessert on new years eve. They are gooey and very chocolatey if you like dark chocolate then you will love these.  All you have to add is 2 large eggs and butter i used dairy free butter. They really easy to make and you would’t know there were gluten and dairy free. Delicious alchemy brand is completely gluten free and one of my favourites they have loads of different products. I like the rice flakes (great alternative to rolled oats), gingerbread men mix, oaty cookie mix and the white bread mix.

Liquid chalk 

I recently started to use liquid chalk when deadlifting instead of gloves as it stops the bar from slipping. The liquid version makes less mess and is easier to carry about in my bag. I get mine from bulk powders website its pretty cheap and last ages.

Elementary tv show

This is one of my all time favourite shows its another take on Sherlock Holmes that is set in New York City. The show follows Holmes, a recovering drug addict and former consultant to Scotland Yard, as he assists the New York City Police Department in solving crimes. I like to watch re runs of the show while writing blog posts or when there is nothing interesting on the telly and yes am watching one right now lol.

December has been a fun and busy month. Lots of recipe testing for Christmas dinner happened, i took it easier at the gym to give my body a chance to recover and grow, took time of from counting macros and enjoy all the Christmas food. Now January has rolled round its back to the normal routine and am excited to get back to the gym and the gym classes. Time to smash those new goals and have an amazing 2018.


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